Live Life, Love Food

Live Life, Love Food

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by Noni Campbell-Horner

For me, life and food dance together...

Noni Campbell-Horner knows deeply that cooking is not just an art or a science, but an intuitive practice that combines sense, memory, curiosity and love. Her favourite recipes-gathered from family lore, good friends and adventures near and far-are each a kind of living story, layered with treasured experiences of home, travel, human connection, loved ones lost and loved ones found again.

With Live Life, Love Food, Noni shares these beloved recipes, alongside the special memories and emotions that will always be connected to them. In each delicious and entertaining chapter, she reveals how the most powerful moments in our lives are forever intertwined with the food we eat: fresh, local ingredients that herald in the seasons; aromas and flavours that recall times of laughter, sorrow and joy. In that sharing, she invites you to layer in new stories, following your own senses, moods and the quirks of your kitchen to produce something that is all your own. This is not a written-in-stone rulebook, but rather a guide-"a gift of ideas."

Beautifully illustrated with Noni's own original paintings, this book is a testament to the art of trusting your intuition: both in cooking, and in living. With Live Life, Love Food, Noni welcomes you to try some of the most memorable meals of her life, and to create your own memories by sharing these simple, satisfying dishes with the people you love.

About the Author: Noni Campbell-Horner is a writer who splits her time between Vancouver, BC, and Calgary, Alberta, with summers spent in the Gulf Islands. Her previous books include Red River Remembered and Mikah Visits the Sea.

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