David's Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning - Ketchup

David's Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning - Ketchup

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Love sitting on your couch and watching movies? Then we bet you love munching on a big bowl of popcorn too. But why stick to salty or sweet popcorn when you can have ketchup flavoured popcorn!

The tangy tomato perfectly complements the popcorn base and the flavour is enhanced by the paprika, vinegar, garlic, onion and celery ingredients contained within the seasoning mix.

David’s popcorn seasoning makes it easy to transform your plain snack into something very moreish indeed. When you have finished popping the corn, simply sprinkle this gourmet seasoning over the top of it. Mix it up thoroughly to make sure the delicious flavouring has coated every single fluffy kernel.

With such a unique flavour, why just use it on popcorn? Be adventurous and try it with some vegetables. Coat parsnips with it, sprinkle it over roast potatoes and use it to enhance some squash. The zesty ketchup flavour is the perfect complement to these vegetables’ subtle flavours. If you have kids who are reluctant to eat their vegetables for dinner, this is a great way to convince them otherwise!


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