David's - French Fry Seasoning

David's - French Fry Seasoning

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Who doesn’t love French fries? Now, if you are not a fan of salt, the perfect way to spruce up an ordinary French fry and turn it into something extraordinary is to use David’s French Fry Seasoning instead.

This seasoning mix is a blend of numerous mushrooms, herbs, spices and red miso. When you’ve prepared the freshly cut potatoes, simply coat the sliced chunks with this seasoning and pop them in the oven. The moreish scent will waft through your kitchen and you will be hard pushed not to want to open the oven door to try one before they’re ready.

When you pull the sizzling French fries from the oven, your taste buds will be delighted at the flavours coming through from the seasoning mix. You will never look back at having plain salt on your fries again. And why limit yourself to fries? Coat vegetables with this seasoning before roasting them in your oven to jazz up an otherwise everyday dish. Sprinkle some on top of your favourite salad or even spread it on top of warm crusty bread. Containing Mexican chilli powder, this seasoning adds a pleasant kick to anything you add it to.


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