A Taste of Alula

A Taste of Alula

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Located in northwestern Saudi Arabia on the ancient Incense Route, the Alula valley is home to grandiose natural landscapes, oases, and ancient settlements. The country's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprising more than 100 exceptionally preserved Nabataean tombs with elaborate facades cut out of sandstone outcrops, is a veritable hidden treasure.

A journey through space, time, and senses, this book--published on the occasion of Alula's annual "Winter at Tantora" festival--offers a unique, synesthetic experience of traveling to a mythical land through flavours and taste. The chefs of the prestigious Parisian culinary arts school FERRANDI Paris celebrate local ingredients and cooking methods--marrying them with the finest French traditions and savoir faire--for an unprecedented confluence of culinary cultures. Specially created for this publication, 30 exclusive recipes for starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks are presented alongside lush shots of the finished dishes. Engaging texts share the rich and ancient history behind Alula's local food culture and the very land that nurtured it, while vibrant images of products, spices, objects, and landscapes fill the pages of this luxurious oversized volume.

About the Author: Located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, FERRANDI Paris is one of Europe's most prestigious hospitality management and culinary arts schools. Dating back to 1932, it has always been at the forefront of the field and has been one of the key players in introducing the concept of respected and innovative high-level culinary education to the world.


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