Sweety Drop - Peruvian Peppers

Sweety Drop - Peruvian Peppers

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There’s quite a flavour punch packed in this tiny, tear-shaped pepper from Peru! Also known as Incan Red Drops, this wild cross (meaning the hybrid occurred naturally, rather than engineered) between a cherry and a jalapeno pepper is the perfect combination of sweet, tart, spicy and bright. The heat is less scorching than it is warm, offset by the natural sugary sweetness and bright tartness.

Cute little Sweety Drops peppers are about the size of a cherry tomato, with a unique pear shape and a bright red colour that instantly livens up a dish. Add Peruvian sweety drop peppers to pizzas, salads, cheese and meat boards, and even chop over pasta or risotto for a crunchy-sweet-spicy twist.



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