Kitchen Scraps - A Humorous Illustrated Cookbook

Kitchen Scraps - A Humorous Illustrated Cookbook

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by Pierre Lamielle

Challenging the traditional cookbook, one pun at a time. Remember your mother's favourite cookbook? The one dog-eared to the hamburger with canned soup recipe? This isn't that cookbook. And what about that cookbook your too-perfect friend has? The one where all the recipes are about stacking things on top of each other and garnishing them with a hard-to-find leaf? This isn't that cookbook either. Kitchen Scraps is full of comforting recipes that don't come from a can. And anyone and everyone can make them—with minimal amounts of swearing.

Accompanied by hilarious illustrations, the recipes in Kitchen Scraps are easy to follow and are written with Pierre's irreverent wit. Kitchen Scraps is for people who don't want to take cooking so seriously but still want to surprise and impress their friends. And it has exactly the sorts of recipes a young cook needs: lots of everyday dishes, a few fancier things for dinner parties, and a really incredible macaroni and cheese recipe. Complete with pictures of babushka-clad grandmothers, provocative chickens, and rootin' tootin' cowboys. 

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